Diagnosing furnace "gusting"


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Diagnosing furnace "gusting"

We have a Nortron electric furnace, and since about a week, we've noticed that every 10-30 seconds while running normally with consistent airflow, it will "gust" a few times.. as in like a 'whoosh, whoosh, whoosh', then goes back to normal consistent airflow. We can notice this from upstairs just through the vents. The filter is clean and new and of same brand we've always used.

Any ideas?
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Welcome to the forums.

Any ideas?
Absolutely none. If you're sure the blower is not changing speed then I have no idea what could make a noise like that. Do you hear that noise at the furnace ?
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ya we do.. Thanks for thinking on it, anyway lol
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Could be your ducting is vibrating between loosened anchors or the blower has become unbalanced.You can touch either and feel vibration if its there.
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That "gusting" sound could be from a restricted return or supply duct or dirt caked squirrel cage fan blades that would be causing the fan to cavitate.

Opening the blower cabinet door while running would check for a change in return air restriction.
Removing a couple of supply ducts at the furnace would test the restricted air theory.
Checking for dirty blades is obvious.
One other thing is that most furnace fan units maximum speed is around 1100 rpm........perhaps the fan motor was replaced with a 1725 rpm motor by mistake.

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