Heat Pump Emergency heat tripping fuse

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Heat Pump Emergency heat tripping fuse

Hello. I am in need of the emergency heat from my heat pump. I switched it to emergency and the temperature started to go down in my home. I called the guy who installed it. He came and checked it. We came down to the problem being the 60 amp fuse- it was tripped and wouldn't stay on. I called an electrician (that's the rule here in Jo, Mo.) He came and changed the fuse. It tripped after about two minutes. It was a used fuse. I bought a new one today and changed it myself this time! It stayed on! Yes! Heat! No. 20 minutes later It tripped again and keeps tripping every 5-10 minutes now. I left it off.

So, any suggestions on what the problem might be. The heat pump unit is completely new as of May 2020. The HVAC guy said that everything is fine in the unit itself.

It's cold here right now- 15F and expected to get down to, well, actually that is lower than the projected low. So it's cold- at least for Missouri- and for my wife. The heat pump is a champ and is keeping the house right at 57.

Any suggestions? I would appreciate anything before I call a different electrician.

Thanks in advance!
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Welcome to the forums.

-15 in Missouri ??

Emergency heat mode means shutting down the heat pump and relying strictly on electric heating elements. Normal heating mode would be heat pump and electric reheats at the same time.

So is the heat pump not running and you are using the electric heating ?
If it's blowing a 60A fuse then it sounds like the circuit is undersized for the electric heat.
Post the model number for the air handler. See if there is something additionally written or checked on the label. Typically the heat section is added in during installation and is not included in the actual model number.
Picture of the label is good too...... how-to-insert-pictures.

As a last resort you may be able to disable one of the heating coils to get some heat.
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Yes, 15 in Missouri

The heat pump works.

the emergency heat trips fuse. Emergency heat is NOT working because of that.

hvac guy cleared unit of problems.

photo of label is attached. Not so clear because the unit is difficult to get to. Will try for a better one.


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