Disinfecting and Sterilizing A Sponge

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Disinfecting and Sterilizing A Sponge:

Everyone should know that the common household sponge is one of the major carriers of kitchen and bathroom germs. <Second only to the electric can opener knife.>

Here's a safe and sure method to both disinfect and sterilize any sponge, cloth or towel.

Wet the item. Wring it out lightly. <Sponges should be fully wrapped but loosely, in micro wave safe clear plastic wrap to contain the moisture.> Place the wet item in the microwave oven. Allow the oven to run until the water vapor in the item turns to steam. Let the microwave continue to run for 1 or 2 minutes after the steam forms. This will allow the steam time to totally kill all bacteria.

Then wait several minutes for the wrapped sponge, cloth or towel to cool before removing it from the microwave.
Use CAUTION!!! Any steam remaining in the clear plastic wrapping or unwrapped folded item <such as a towel> will burn!

Steaming is a fool proof method for disinfecting almost anything. If you have or know of any ideas for disinfecting another micro wave safe article, that can be done using this method, click reply to add it here.

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I put my sponges in the top rack of my dishwasher. I don't know if this kills the germs, but they do come out nice and clean.

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