Garage Spraybooth


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Garage Spraybooth

Please if anyone can advise me on the basics to keep in mind when building a diy spraybooth in my garage
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Hello: Akkerwillie. Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site.

In My Opinion, I couldn't even begin to think of anything more risky to life, limb and or property than what you're thinking of doing. Extremely dangerous. And very likely to be in violation of all building and fire safety codes. And insurance codes as well.

Extreme risk of flash fire and/or explosion do to flammable vapors and/or fumes. Not to mention asphyxiation do to a lack of ventilation, etc. You will need to be sure there isn't any sources of ignition nearby. Includes gas appliances and all eclectically operated devices. Even light switches, lighting and proper grounding of all electrical equipment, etc.

Suggestion. Be positive your life and property insurances are at the highest levels possible and paid in advance. Also have your last will and testament made out and kept in a secure place and well away from the structure this spray booth will be in or near to.

Retired natural gas utility service rep and fire and/or explosion investigator.
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Is the garage separate from your house? I agree with Sharp Advice in that it would not be wise to do this to an attached garage........ but if this is a separate bldg, it might be doable. What do you intend to paint? A good exhaust fan is a must! but you need to make sure that any paint exhausted to the outside won't land on someone else's property causing any damage.
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You need a fan that won't ignite any fumes that are drawn through it. The name of such is currently escaping me. You should also have a filter setup to protect the fan from overspray.
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A fan that would be used on a flammable exhaust stream would be one that uses a totally enclosed/explosion proof motor.

You really need to be careful about your insurance coverage.
Besides being a risk to your own safety, I can guarantee that if there ever was a claim for fire anywhere on your property your insurance company would take a dim view of anything resembling a set up to aid spray painting.

At the very least ask your insurance company to add additional coverage for a spray paint set up and see what they say.

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