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If you will take notice the next time you see profesional painters, you will probably not find any rolling trays on the job. When painting with a roller, forget about those little rolling trays, they don't hold enough paint plus they are awkward and messy. Instead get a five gallon bucket and a bucket screen found at all paint stores. The bucket screen hangs on the inside of the bucket and allows you to apply the paint evenly on the roller (a must for a good job) and roll out the excess paint so it doesn't drip so much on the way to the wall. Simply use it like you would the tray except it is in a bucket! The bucket holds more paint so there is less stopping and re-filling, easy to move, just grab the handle and move it where you need it. Just don't fill the bucket more than half way, I suggest about a third full.

Another good idea when painting walls is to use an extension pole, but.......that is another story.
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Cool Yes, yes.

Hi Chip,

You bet! The paint buckets are indispensible in my shop. I have 2 and they are permanent paint items. I much prefer them over the roller tray. I only use the roller tray for painting moveable items in my garage, on saw horses. The traditional roller tray is no longer a large scale painting tool in my home, shop, garage or shed.

Its a great painting tip for those who have not yet tried them!

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