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Alternate Uses For Wire Coat Hangers:

Almost everyone, at one time or another, has some item or items that needs to be suspended for washing, cleaning or painting.

The questions are, what to use to suspend the item with? What do I have currently available, that doesn't have to be reused?

Look no further then your closet. Your almost assured to find the wire coat hanger.

The wire coat hanger can be shaped, cut or arranged easily to accommodate hanging or suspending just about any light to medium weight item.

One method is to stretch it vertically. Put one thumb inside the upper section, just below the twisted area and one thumb mid point on the lower horizontal section. Now stretch it like a bow to fit the intended need.

Need to hold an item of medium weight? Bend the current hook shaped angle that is angled to fit a closet pole to a closer angle.

Have a need to hook an item slightly out of arms reach? Stretch the hanger as needed and adjust the hook to fit the intended item that is out of reach.

Another useage is for wire with one or two hooks. Cut the hanger on each side just below the twist. Now bend the wire in any shape needed or cut it in half and make two pieces. Then using a long nosed pliers, bend one or both ends into a hook.

Several specific useages I found handy, is constructing one or more to be used as stick match holders. They can be used for safely lighting patio lights, fireplaces, barbeques, camp fires, heaters, furnaces and espcially floor furnaces.

Using some imagination and applying it to creatively craft the coat hanger wire into a shape needed to hang, hook, reach or suspend an item, is a handy and often usefull alternate useage for those old wire coat hangers we often use to just toss in the trash.

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I am sure there are a million uses for wire coat hangers other than hanging coats. But what comes to mind is using them for oxy-acetelyne welding rod. Works well in a pinch, sometimes I have used steel wool to take off the finish before using.

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Another great use for a hangar is when you need to drill thru the wall and you dont have a long drill bit, just clip a coat hanger with wire cutters, chuck it in the drill and drill thru the wall..go slow and use a straight piece, obviously. Then you have a mark on the other side of the wall and you can use your short bit to drill from both sides
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