Heating cheap ?


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Heating cheap ?


I know this is kind of a long shot, but I was wondering if there were any cheap/cost-effective ways to heat up my room ?

I'm currently living in London, and although the weather is not that cold at the moment, my poorly isolated rented apartment (despite its double glazed windows) gets to an unpleasant temperature pretty quickly.

I don't usually mind turning the heather on but I can't afford to use it everyday at the moment.

Anything would be helpful,

Many thanks and happy new year !
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Welcome to the forums!

Are there any drafts that could be plugged/stopped with caulking? Do the exterior doors have weatherstripping? Heavy drapes can add a little insulating properties to the window.
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Heat escapes in many ways. The place to start is identifying the greatest paths for loss and the lowest cost to reduce them. Air leaks as mark suggested are always top of the list. Windows, even double pane, are always terrible.

How many walls are exposed to the outside and what is above and below you?

The least expensive temperature gauge is the back of your hand. Any surface that feels cold is stealing heat. A well insulated wall will be about 2 to 4 degrees below the temperature of a close by interior wall. Cover a cold surface with just about anything and you slow the heat loss.

Do an inventory of where you feel the cold. Note, warm air leaks out above the mid zone of the house and it is difficult to feel warm air exiting. A smoke test may be necessary.

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You can also get an electric blanket or heating pad. Having a hot heating pad against your back while sitting at a desk or watching TV can keep you warm inexpensively without heating the entire apartment. An electric blanket is great for on the bed. Even if you don't like to sleep with it on I turn mine on high for 10 minutes before getting into bed. There's nothing like warm sheets & blankets to make you forget about a cold room.
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I am living in a pretty big room, and have only one small oil radiator that heats the whole place. Cover your room (inside or outside walls) with isolation at least one inch of isolation

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