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Lightbulb Smoke Detectors (Recently Updated Version)


I hope all of you have smoke detectors! Your life may depend on them...

Ever wonder when the batteries where last changed?

Three Suggested Methods.

Mark the date batteries changed this year on this years 2014 calendar. Changing calendar in January 2015, simply transfer date to change batteries onto the new calendar...

Alternate Method. Use a small piece of masking tape. Write date changed on tape and stick it onto the detector... Of course, do not cover intentionally exposed/opened areas on the front of the detector...

Seasonal time changes. If you live in a state that changes time relevant to the summer and winter, excellent time to change batteries. If you don't live in such a time zone, one of the alternate methods may be far better then guessing or worse yet, waiting for that may never happen low battery alert.

Word of CAUTION. Smoke detectors do not last forever. They have a recommended safe service life like many other items. Read the manufacturers owners manual. After some where around five-eight + years, they may not be as dependable as when new. Best to replace them. Least expensive life saver you'll ever own.

Older detectors, replaced with new ones that still function properly, can be used in other rooms/areas like shops. garages, laundry rooms, etc so long as those areas are NOT connected to the main house.

Does your attached garage have a detector? If it does not, install at least one there also.

How about an attic? Fire starts up there too!. Bare in mind smoke rises. Fire ever starts up there will be a longer time before you become aware if it. Great place to have at least one detector. Just might be a life saver. Yours!

Have a basement? Install at least one there too! Several if possible in key critical fire prone areas. Especially above laundry appliances, machinery, electrical panels and heating systems.

Alarm system? Might be a wise idea to use multiple security system alarm smoke detectors in areas where hearing a sounding detector may be difficult do to distances. Basements, attics, garages, shops or any attached structures to the house or those nearby. Early warning is the critical key factor to saving lives. Especially during night hours when sleeping.

Install them correctly. Some instructions use to be wrong!!! New instructions might be correct, hopefully.

Mount detector on the ceiling (middle to door frame centered) about 8-12 inches inward away from the wall. Consider how smoke travels across a ceiling. Then stacks (likely in hallway) before flowing into a bedroom.

Smoke likely will flow up the area above doors frame onto ceiling. Mounted on the wall above door frame smoke may and very often does flow upward right past wall above door frame. As the room fills and the smoke stacks onto the ceiling long before detector sounds, may be to late...

Oh Yea! Safety Reminders.

Test every one of them monthly!!! Your life depends on it, should there be a fire

Have an evacuation/escape plan and also a safe outside gathering area.

Excuse Me. Have a few more to do.

Info not correct? PM me with correct info. A correction, if one is needed, will be made... Additional information to offer, send that too!

Post update. 02/16/2014

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