Liquid bandage


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Liquid bandage

I don't know how many have tried the liquid bandage for small cuts, (it's for minor cuts only) but I had a doozie of a minor cut the other day. Sliced the side of my palm open with a utility knife. Kind of a bad spot. It wouldn't stay closed so I tried something new.

I put on a coat of liquid bandage on the cut, then used a piece of "gentle paper tape" the first aid kind that is sticky on one side but a little bit like paper mache on the other... put it over the cut, then painted it with a couple more coats of the liquid bandage.

I have to say it is great! It is keeping the cut together so that it can heal, it's somewhat flexible so that as your hand bends it doesn't break the wound open... and it's quite waterproof, took a shower, forgot about trying to keep it dry and it's still intact!

I will definitely have to remember this one.
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Good tip. I keep the liquid bandage around for paper cuts....regular bandage is overkill, but they are still irritating if they catch on stuff.

Superglue is often used to hold cuts together when they are not deep enough to warrant stitches. Trick (as always when using SG) is to only stick the right things together!

Also, a special little bandage called a steri-strip is used for larger cuts. It's a stretchy strip so once applied across the cut keeps tension on it to hold it closed.

My wife is a longtime nurse and midwife, so she makes sure we have the right first aid stuff around....
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When I had bowel surgery a few years ago, they closed the 1 1/2" long cut with super glue stuff. The doctor told me they did it in layers, so each layer wouldn't pull against the adjacent one. Unlike my shoulder surgery with 50 or so staples That hurts !
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This time of year my fingers will start splitting because they are dry. I have used liquid bandage for that as well and it works pretty good. I have also used nail polish and super glue, super glue being the best, but let me tell can kind of sting a bit! Ok, a lot!

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