How to hang mirror on hollow door

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Without giving it much thought, I bought a 20" x 20" piece of mirror to hang on the front of my closet door so that I can see the back of my head while fixing my hair. Since the door in question is a standard hollow wood door, I figure the little plastic fasteners and screws they gave me will rip right out with the weight of the mirror (about 10 lbs). I'm looking for other options to hang this mirror. Right now, I've got two ropes tied vertically around the sides of the mirror attached to two hooks that hang over the top of the door. It works but it looks stupid and the mirror swings out every time I open the closet door. I'd sure appreciate a better idea.
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go to your local hardware or home improvement center and ask for wall fasteners. there are many types available that install with just a screw driver. some are rated and will support up to 75# each. this is not a difficult problem and could be fixed quickly. terminolgy would be 'molly bolts' 'molly screws' 'toggle bolts' 'hollow wall screws'. just explain to the clerk or whomever your question and they can help.
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Hi: bdarrow

Good advice in the previous posting.

However, should you NOT want to drill holes in the door to insert the toggle/expander type anchors, ask at the hardware store for mirror hanging/holding clips or supports.

<Absolutely mind boggling the assortment of names all used to identify one item....supports, expanders, anchors, toggles, etc.etc.>

All these are is little angle brackets that hold the mirror and have an external tab for a screw.

Since your mirror is only 20x20, using about four of these small clip holders, two on the top and two on the bottom, will do just fine.

Good Luck,
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Hi well the problem is not the mirror it is the door, no matter what fixings you use it is only as strong as your weakest point, in this case the hollow door, I work in the glass and window industrie and my suggestion would be to take the door off its hinges, go to your local glass company and buy a tube of mirror adheasive, lay the door down somewhere out of the way and glue the mirror to the door look at the instructions on the tube for the cure time, when dry rehang the door, then you will have no problem with the mirror, but a word of caution make sure the door will take the weight check the hinges and the screw fixings in the hinges if nessesary use longer screws in the hinges so they bite deeper into the wood on the door and frame, I hope this helps a little, Handyman.

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Installing RV Mirror

I like the advice to use glue to install a mirror on a door. But I am curious if this would also work in an RV; will the glue survive the vibrations and shocks in a trailer. And will the glue survive high temperatures and extremely low temperatures (-40 to +50 C).
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Welcome to the forums! Best to start your own thread since this one is 12 years old, but no harm done. Using mirror adhesive, after it has set up, you would have better luck tearing the door up than removing the mirror. It will handle what you dish out, EXCEPT flexing. The mirror will break if flexed, so consider where you put it.
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How to hang a mirror on a closet door!

OMGosh this is so easy. Get some door hooks, buy some Gorilla tape and stick the tape to the hooks to the back of the mirror and hang mirror on the closet door. Super easy, no hooks, no screws, and no worries.
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12 year old thread.......

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