Cheapest indoor wall fountain?

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Cheapest indoor wall fountain?

Okay, I'm looking for the cheapest indoor wall fountain.

So far this is the cheapest I've found.

Anyone know of cheaper ones?
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i just did a search on the net for "indoor wall fountains" and the closest i came was the same fountain for $99. and that one is TINY! only 8" wide by 23" high! they're expensive because they're usually much larger than that, and made of nice materials like stone & copper & glass, and they're usually very "artsy".

however, i've seen them made several times on the diy decorating shows. it didn't look too hard, but they didn't turn out as nice as the several hundred dollar ones either.

if you have a place for one, you might go with a table top fountain instead. they're less expensive. you can get those for around $25.

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i just ran across this one for $69.95. not sure if it's indoor or outdoor though. maybe it would work for either.

have you bought one yet? does color/style/size matter at all?
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am on same search for Wall Fountain ...but how to make my own

I am also interested in wall fountain. Intend to take my time on this project. Here are a few goodies found on Intenet which may in long run make this a lot more fun and save some bucks.... this was from Burkes Books I think

Do It Yourself Wall Fountain
One of the most fashionable things to have in your garden is a wall fountain. The interest and movement a fountain provides can transform a boring, drab corner into an attractive, relaxing area, and when it comes to disguising unwanted noise nothing beats the sound of babbling water. Don showed how easy it is to install a fountain at your place. All you need is a little bit of know how when it comes to fixing things to walls, and a friend to help you do the heavy lifting.

Tools required
Tape measure
Electric drill
Masonry drill bits, 13mm
Caulking gun - to apply silicone and liquid nails
Angle grinder with masonry disc - to rough up the wall surface
Extension leads (if necessary)

Fountain comprising two parts, bowl and plaque.

(Fact is you do not need to get your plaque and bowl from the nursery or garden center. Try garage or yard sales, Buy and Sell... many ideas and you would be a lot better off if they are fiberglass or a lighter material....

Available from nurseries and garden centres including:

NSW: Flower Power Nurseries (02) 9601 4555, Parker's Nursery Turramurra (02) 9487 3888, The Parterre Garden Woollahra (02) 9363 5874, Michele Shennen Garden Centre Willoughby (02) 99586 631.
VIC: Paddington Pots (03) 9569 5384, Rietmans Cement Products (03) 9555 4500
WA: Waldecks Nurseries (03) 9381 8977
SA: the Flower Garden (08) 8388 6126, Garden Centre (08) 8295 4874, Newman's Topiary Tea House (08) 8264 2661
TAS: Chandlers Nursery (03) 6223 5866

Pico 400/3 Submersible Pump
Available: garden centres, pump suppliers nationally
Cost: $45

Plastic Poly Pipe 13mm to connect pump to spout
Cost: $2 per metre

Hardie Pope 13mm Elbows and Clips used in conjunction with the poly pipe to allow it to sit flush with the wall.
Cost: 20c each

Bondcrete apply by brush to seal the bowl against leakage
Cost: Squeeze pack $10, brush $5

Selleys All Clear Silicone to seal around drill holes
Cost: $5.50 for a 90g tube

Ramset Ultra-fix Plus Chemical Anchor to apply to the inside of bolt holes
Cost: $26 for a 150ml pack

Ramset Ultra-Fix Plus Stud Bolts, 12 x 160mm
Cost: $9 for a pack of 4, includes nuts and washers (To reduce the risk of corrosion we replaced the washers with galvanised iron ones at 20c each.)

Selleys Liquid Nails Fast Grab
Cost: $4.50 for a 420gm tube

Extras, if you need them
240 volt plug - for attaching to the pump wiring
Cost: $1.80

Wall clips, Permastik and Selleys for tidying up any cords
Cost: Around $5.00 per pack

Note: the above hardware is available nationally at major hardware stores

Putting it all together
Measure and mark on the wall the exact position for the fountain.
Carefully measure the two parts of the fountain. (Tip: measure and remeasure, because the trough must be level. Do not assume the spout hole etc, will be centered). Then work out exactly where the holes for the support bolts and wiring should go, and mark their positions on the wall.

Drill holes in the bowl to allow for the poly pipe and the pump wire.
Paint the inside of the bowl with Bondcrete to help waterproof it.
After making sure there is no danger of coming into contact with services such as power, phone or water pipes, drill holes in the wall. Insert the Ramset chemical adhesive in the bolt holes, and position the bolts. Allow to set as per package instructions. (Tip: when drilling the holes, start off with a small drill bit and get progressively bigger.)

Position the pump in the bowl and attach the necessary amount of poly pipe, also attach enough poly pipe to the plaque to allow it to meet up on the other side of the wall.

Seal around the holes where the wire and poly pipe protrude with silicone.

Use an angle grinder with a masonry disc to rough up the wall surface. This will help the adhesive stick properly.

Make sure the top bolt that will be used to hang the plaque has the nut and washer in position. This is to ensure the plaque does not slip off.

Apply Liquid Nails to the rear of the plaque and to the wall. Carefully position the plaque onto the bolt, at the same time feeding the poly pipe through its appropriate hole. Press the plaque firmly onto the wall.

Apply Liquid Nails to the rear of the bowl and to the wall. Carefully and quickly position the bowl over the supporting bolts. At the same time feed the poly pipe and electrical wire through their respective holes. Put washers and nuts onto bolts and tighten.

Apply silicone over the nuts to help waterproof the bowl.

At the rear of the wall join up the poly pipe, and attach a new plug to the pump wire if the original had to be removed, (Note: This must be done by a qualified electrician in Queensland).

Use clips to tidy up wires and poly pipe.

Fill up the bowl with water, plug the pump in and turn it on.
More info found from a site which has supplied the material for an indoor wall fountain which does not need any studs etc and gives material then tells you how to put it together..... makes it simple to do by making own purchases,
hmmmm... when I find the URL again.

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