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Bathroom without GFCI outlets. I hope to do that myself. New light fixture above sink needs to be grounded but there is no ground wire there. Will the fact that there's a GFCI circuit at the overhead light be enough for the fixture above the sink, or do I need to pull in an electrician to fix me up with a ground wire there too?
Also -
How do I find an honest, reasonable electrician in my area? Any special questions to ask when I get them on the phone? Should I tell them exactly what I need done and then hope for a quote at that time, or do they need to see the jobs?
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Bathroom outlet circuit and light fixture circuit should be separate. Outlet circuit required to be gfci, but light circuit should not be. I think that you might need to call an electrician to see what you need to upgrade your bathroom wiring. Good Luck!
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hello mary,
u can install a gfci yourself even if ther is no ground wire, the gfci will still provide ground fault protection. as to the light it isnt absulatly neccessery for lights to be grounded.
what old guy told u is true to a point receptical circuits and lighting r not normaly mixed except in bathrooms, i have in homes where they wanted each room on its own circuit mixed them but as a rule we dont

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