Simple X10 Question?


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Simple X10 Question?

I have read and read and it seems near impossible to find just a simple answer to this. I have 2 rooms in my house where there is a wall decora rocker switch that controls an outlet in the room. In both of them, the outlet is not located where I'd like it to be to plug in a lamp.

Without getting into all the fancy automation, remote control, etc. etc. is there some way to just get an X10 wall rocker switch, and a unit that plugs into an outlet I *do* want to use and plug a lamp into that? Thus making it as if the room was hardwired to the outlet I want instead of the one it actually is? I don't need computer control, dimmers, time delay, motion detector and all that jazz. I just want a switch that controls a light.

Doable? Or does X10 require all the other fancy gizmos?
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I think you misunderstand what X-10 actually is - it's NOT a wireless solution. It's simply a wired solution that does not require additional wiring, also known as "line carrier" technology. Essentially what X-10 does is transmit a signal over existing AC wiring - similar to the way DSL transmits over existing phone wiring.

So, if you do not have a wall switch installed already, then what you are wanting to do is probably not going to work.

Now, on the other hand, X-10 does have wireless devices that work with their controller bases. The base is plugged into the wall and the wireless device (usually a keychain of some sort) sends signals to the base, which in turn activates and deactivates the X-10 devices (like lamp modules.) I believe X-10 also has wall switch-type wireless devices to work with the bases too - that may be an option. But, either way, you will need a controller base to plug into the wall to send the X-10 signal.

Good luck!
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Hi Moridin5,

Yes, there are some pretty simple X10 solutions.

First, you can use stick-on slim wireless remotes that look like switch plates. These remotes can control 3 lamps.

then, as Safewatch mentioned, you need a wireless receiver to inject the signal into your home wiring. This is the most common one, and it also has an outlet that you can control. You can use this outlet to control one of your lamps, but you can't dim it, it's just on/off. You simply plug it into an existing receptical.

Finally, you can use this module to control the other lamps. It plugs in to your existing outlet, and you plug the lamp into it.

hope this helps,

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Thanks for the input...Based on what you 2 wrote, and some additional research I've done, I'm going to try one of the 2-way transmitter/receiver wall switches from Smarthome and a plug-in lamp module and see how it works.
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