Intergrated phone cable panel split


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Intergrated phone cable panel split

Hi guys, Was reading some of the threads and hope someone can help. I just bought a new home with an integrated junction box under the stairs where all the wiring goes. I want to locate my access point, DSL modem and printer under there to get it out of the way. I need to bring a phone jack out of the panel to bring the DSL signal and phone signal out. I have a DSL/phone filter if that helps or I have enough punch down connectors to use. They are all like 5 or six wires and the filter and regular phone line has only four. How can I connect the phone cable to carry the DSL and phone signal out of the panel?


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What you'd like to do shouldn't be too hard. I'm assuming that you have a everything you need to do this, including access to some tools. I'm also assuming that there's a nearby outlet to power the printer, modem and access point.

First, find the wire coming from the NID (Network Interface Device). That's the box on the outside of the house. They'll be one cable running to your junction box from there. This will bring in your phone/DSL signal.

The phone system itself only needs 2 wires from the cable. The wires in the cable are color coded, Red/Green or blue and white w/blue trace is used for Line 1. If you have 2 lines, then Yellow/ Black or Orange and White w/orange trace is used for Line 2.
Here is a link with general phone sytems info and good pictures: It's helped me a lot.

You may also want to read over this posting:

Now that you know what cable it is and which wires you need, it's just a matter of wiring the jack. You shouldn't need your DSL filter for the DSL modem. The filters remove the DSL signal from the line for regular phones.
The modem only needs power, unfiltered phone signal, and a network cable(should come with modem) connected to the access point's WAN port.

Please post back with any more questions or if you need more help. Also, please let us know how it all worked out. There are quite a few forums here, should you get stuck on anything else, such as the computer network.
I hope this helped!!

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The way we install a DSL modem for a structured home (which is what you have) is to put the modem <i>and</i> filter in the structured panel (or next to it if you have no room.) As Desy said, you'll have to find your incoming line to make the connections to (it's usually marked on the phone punch block) and then connect your lines in to there.

Essentially what you want to do is take this wire off, connect it to the filter, then run the modem side to the modem and the phone side back to the "incoming" side of the punch block. This totally eliminates the need for DSL filters in the house. Plus, if you have a hub or router in your structured panel, you can plug the modem right into it and distribute thru the house (you'll want a router if you have more than one computer.)

There are many advantages to this setup, as you can see. If you need some help, or maybe some pictures (if I can find some), let me know.

BTW, if you have a digital cam and want to send some pics over for me to review, you can send them to brandon(at) - I'll post them here for others to review also.

Good luck!
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