x-10 and old wiring?????


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Question x-10 and old wiring?????

Hi,iI am redoing all my wiring as I progress through my house.Can i run x-10 sytems on 70 year old non grounded 2 way wiring?I also have a fuse panel rather than breakers,any affect there? ...............thanks
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Good question. Bascially, you should be able to use them as most come with a built in noise reducer and should work for the most part...However, they are still dependent on the system wiring and if that is not stable and wired in a correct manner they might not...

Believe it or not X-10 master and controller is not real expensive these days to give it a try......can always resell on e-bay....sorry I had to say it...

Honestly, it should work but keep in mind some X-10 switches require a neutral wire as well.....now you are saying...dont they all...well no as I am sure you are aware of in switch legs which would be a major thing in your old home wiring as they fed most rooms at the lights back then and dropped down from them but did not contain a neutral....BUT all is not lost as they do make models that do not require the neutral as well....

Or you can run a wire to the switch ( suggest a electrician do that unless you are comfortable with it ) and then attain the neutral and be fine.

X-10's are cool....in my house I have a 2 gange switch box that was converted to one side a master controller and then X-10's in other rooms....we have mood lighting...lol...and so on....was great before kids but now...never in the MOOD...atleast thats what she says...lol

Anyway it is fun to mess with them....and cheaper than most think.

Also....if you end up using the 2 wire models because of a lack of a neutral in the switch boxes just remember if you choose a dimmer feature in a X-10 switch you can only use it on incandescent loads of 60-watts or greater...if any other type of light is used, the switch wont receive the X-10 signal...just wanted to give you that tip in case you do.
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Hi,thanks for the help, it is appreciated
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