Low Channel Fuzziness w/ Vid Distrubution

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Low Channel Fuzziness w/ Vid Distrubution

I'm having a problem with Fuzziness on my low cable chanels 3 - 9. 10 - 90 are crystal clear. Some days it is clear, other days it is really fuzzy to the point where it looks like colored skittles for pixels.

I had this problem before with a slight difference. Before it was all my cable channels and I missed that the coax had somehow come out of the connector.

Now it's just the low channels
Coax from the street going into a 3 port splitter. One to distrubution panel, one to my cable modem, and another to a tv that I can get a cable drop too. I have the coax coming from outside to a Leviton RF Amplifier then to my distribution panel.

The distrubution panel is Channel Vision 1-8 RF http://www.smarthomeusa.com/Shop/cvc...s/Item/C-0208/

The tv connected from the feed coming directly from outside is great

Any suggestions?
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Run a line straight to a tv without the vd block in between and see if it is still fuzzy. If it is not then your problem layts past this point if it is then the problem is before it. In other words use the divide and conquer method. If you need more info on this look it up or mail me.

Sorry, also look for in the problem area little pieces of the dielectir on the stingers or braids that may be attached still. I found this cause most of the problems with the lower channel fuzzy problems.
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On our cable modems in central Florida, there is a "tap" that takes a signal from the cable coming in before it is split anywhere, then the outboard side of the tap will go to your splitter. Make sure it's a quality, NEW splitter, not one that's been laying around for a couple of years ( this would usually only be a problem if your higher digital channels were effected and the guide didn't work). Additionally, different channels can be effected by the signal coming in from the street, if the signal is too low, or even too high, different channels can be effected. Your cable company should be able to measure the signal coming in, or, on most cable boxes there is a diagnostic mode that will measure the signal for you, but that varies with each cable box and it won't spell out how to do it in the manual. A technical rep MIGHT help you do this if you call your provider.

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