New house (just starting)

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New house (just starting)

Ok, I'm new to the home automation and video survalience world...

What I would like to do (plus some other ideas that you guys/gals use would be helpful)
1. Alarm System, about 24 zones, not monitored
2. Video Survalience, 3 cameras (front door, back door, and back yard (wireless in a tree would be ideal for the backyard one... to watch my house from a distance)), Internet monitoring is key.
3. Intercom between room's and the front door
4. I will be wiring the entire house for Network, Phone, and Cable (2 x CAT5e, 1 x RG6) Each room will have at least 3 outlets (approx 36 total outlets). Some will have just Network, some will have just cable. What is the best strategy... have 2 junction boxes 1 on the second floor and 1 in the basement or just run everything to the basement? What types of mountings are recommended to keep everything organized? Would it be smart to run a tube from the basement to the attic(to allow for future direct tv etc)? I will probably only have 6 jacks actaully hot at any 1 time and maybe 1-2 TV's on at a time
5. what is the best RG-6 crimper to use? I know compression ends are the best but I can't remember what the cable guy said the tool he used was...
6. What is the best way to distribute the RG-6? I will have Road Runner and HDTV so 2 outlets cannot be split more than once. I have 1 HDTV and 1 Road runner modem. Will I need an amplifier?
7. Whole House surge supressors best brand model number?

Now the fun part... I need to keep cost at a minimum.

Any ideas, tips, comments, would be greatful. My architect is finalizing the blueprints so we hope to break ground in the next 4-6 weeks with a total build time of 6 months. My dad is the builder so I have a lot of flexibility!
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Some advice on allowing for satellite and Over-the-air TV:
You need to be able to run four RG6 from the satellite dish to a central location (basement??)where you would install multiswitches to allow you to connect as many sat boxes as you like. You should also bring your cable TV to the same central location, and one RG6 from the attic to the central location. for potential connection of an OTA antenna. You should run at least three RG6 from this central location to each room - two for satellite and one RG6 for cable or OTA TV. You need two satellite RG6 to each room in case you use DVRs - the DVRs like TVO have two tuners in them and so need two connections to the multiswitch. You can't use splitters on sat cables so you need to run the RG6 when you build the house. My recommendation is not to economise on cable runs - it's a real hassle if you have to go back later.

Not sure exactly what is your cable setup but typically you split off the internet at one location and put the modem there. (It's tidier to put this at the same location as the TV stuff, in fact if you can route the phone line this way it's even tidier. Then you have all the connections coming from one place, it makes maintenance MUCH easier.) Once you have done this then you can usually split the "TV" side of the cable as many times as you like. You may or may not need an amplifier depending on the number of splits and the strength of the original signal.

Have you thought about using wireless instead of a wired network, my own experience is it is so much more flexible. I rarely use my wired network connections at all these days.

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