Home automation with PDA control


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Home automation with PDA control

Hey everyone. Finally decided to get back to work on my home automation and looking for ways to control with my PDA over wifi or even internet.

Unfortunately, looks like my x10 receiver may have died as well as my RF receiver, so I got to replace the computer interface first. I am thinking worst case, I use remote viewer to control the PC running interface. But that would be horribly slow. A web based application would be ideal, then could check and modify over internet as well. Any free or reasonably priced options out there? The software I been seeing is $300 and up.
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You didn't mention what software you are using to control your HAor what PDA you have, but take a look at Netremote and Girder. Should do the trick for you at a reasonable cost.


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That is by far the cheapest commercial option I have seen, and if had to, $70 isn't that bad a price. Still looking for a free option.

Currently looking at using free "Smart Home" software and VNC server/viewer. The PDA is a Dell Axim x51v.

For speed's sake, a html based application would be best. Not sure how difficult that would be to setup, coding a web page to send commands through serial port, but should be possible.

But looks like my options currently are, use free vpn-vnc-smarthome, pay $70 to buy Girder and NetRemote (doesn't say, so assuming not designed over internet so would still have to VPN to local network), or work to develop my own software (currently a bit out of my skill, but would be awesome could personalize layout of house and since web based, could even integrate security monitoring into same web page)

Thanks for the tip on the software, as I am big on speed and vnc would be slow, busy and can't devote time to build the software package, once I replace the X10-Computer interface I may just go with the $70 package.
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Hello, you are inquiring about cheap or reasonable software available for Home Automation.

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My Apologies...

I'm sorry, I meant no disrespect in my last post. I didn't mean for it to appear as spam. I guess get a bit excited in trying to help out people with home automation issues that I have a tendency to take it too far... So again, my apologies...

DFWhite73, in response to your question about looking for afforable home automation software. There are options available to you. Home Automation does have the tendency to become expensive if you don't properly look around, but if you do your research you will be able to find what you are seeking and at a great price...

I would recommend reviewing ratings from these different companies, and checking out the features that they offer. Keep in mind of things that you like about each software, as you'll find capabilites in each that you won't find in another. Then decide what would work best for you... Sometimes you'll find that maybe cheapest isn't the best way to go, but efficiency or abilities of the software might be. Consider things such as support, and how easy a product is to use. Another thing, are you able to set up your system without the need for a technician? Or would you rather spend a few extra dollars to hire a technician? It all depends on what you seek.

Much luck in your search...


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