phone line won't disconnect

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having problem with phone line not disconnecting.

if i run a cord directy off my outside box, into the house, i can use my computer, use my cordess, use my regular phone, and all disconnect fine. (that's how i'm connected right now).

however, if i use the phone jacks in the house, (on all items mentioned above), the line will not disconnect after use. i just hear dead air.

i hate to have to go outside of my house to make a phone call!! especially, since it is colddddddddd outside.

where do i start the troubleshooting process?

thanks in advance.
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You could have a problem with one one a phone in the house, try this...

Disconenct all the phones in the house, and I mean all including wall phones, unplug them from their jacks. Now try your computer on one of the phone jacks (computer only connected, and assuming you are using a dial-up conenction) try conencting to the internet, then disconnect, now try connecting a second time and then disconnecting. If it works 2 times in a roll (wait at least 5 seconds between tries) then go to step two, if the line did not get reset meaning that you could not get the line tone back after disconencting then unplug the phone line from your computer modem and then go to step 2.

step 2...
take 2 phones (not 1 but 2 to try to ensure you are not testing with the problem phone), try a few of the jacks around the house with both phones,(1 at a time , and no other phone connected in the house), boes the line reset when hung up ?

What I am assuming here is that the phone line works once and does not disconnect after use. But obviously it must reset at some point or you could never try again.

The other thing I need to know is what you mean by dead air, when the phone does not reset and you have dead air as you call it, try blowing on the mic/mouth portion of the handset , can you hear that in the speaker, or hear nothing ?

We are trying to see if a perticular phone, or jack is hanging the line, and to so that you must only be dealing with 1 item at a time. The reason I always say to use 2 phones for testing is to try to eliminate the chance that you choose the problem phone to do the test. The blow test will tell me that when the line is not reset, rather or not a physical connection to the phone companies line exists at that point or a possible short does or does not exist at that point in time.

On the other hand I can't see how that when you run another wire to the outside connections , that a hang problem with the other existing line would not also hang the new wire line.Unless you disconnect your existing wire run when connecting the new wire run. Check what I said and it will help give me a clearer picture on this and eliminate the more common things as mentioned.
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phone disconnect

i've already done alot of the eliminating. i called the phone company, and they had me try some troubleshooting.

here is what i did:
inside the house, i used several different phones, (and the computer) and several different jacks, and none would disconnect at any jack.

when i say i am running a line to the outside of the house, i literally mean it. as we speak, i am not working off of the inside wiring. i have bypassed all the jacks, and i've run my phone right outside to the box.

in other words, the phone company told me to go outside & try unplugging the incoming line (from the house). they then told me to connect a standard phone directly into this line. i did that, and no problem (so they said that problem is inside the house).

so again, right now, i've run a long phone cord from the outside box, through one of my windows, and have connected my phone (each one) and computer to this line. all disconnect fine. i've tried a regular phone, my cordless phone, and my laptop. i've dialed out, made the connection, and then hung up with each. each time, the line disconnected properly.

that's why i know the problem lies somewhere within the inside wiring.
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Your inside phone line wires usually has more than one pair of wires inside the cable, the older ones had 4, the newer ones have more pairs. Try using a different pair of wires.

Also I once had a problem , but in my case it just created noise on the line, and I discovered my wife had used the phone line as a clothes line and the weight of the clothes created enough tension on the line to ground it to the furance duct.

Usually the house line connects to the phone company block on the outside of the house, and comes into the basement, sometimes it is a single line going thruout the house and sometimes that is 2 or 3 wire runs connecting in the basement running thruout the house. There could be jack problem as well. Should there be more than one cable run in the house, you could try to disconnect them all from the wire coming into the basement from outside. Use a known good jack, and temporary connect to the incoming line in the basement without any of the house wires connected. If it works good there, try connecting one phone line run at a time, and test the jacks that are on that run. Then disconnect and try the next wire run, and so on. If you find one that is faulty, make a note of what jacks are on that wire run. Of those jacks , there could be a faulty jack, or a wire problem, try using a different pair of wires in that cable, you will have to change the wire pair at the jack also.

Basicly trace it from the phone company block on the outside of the house.

this is a help/instruction site from my phone company and has a troubleshooting section there also.

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