PRO1 Thermostats

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PRO1 Thermostats

I currently have the Pro1 Thermostat from Pro1 Technologies | Pro1 Technologies and so far pretty happy with it. However, we are building a new home and I am hearing all the hype about this new nest bought by Google. As part of automating my home is this really a necessary purchase. How many of us are going to be logging into our home to adjust the thermostat. What about security concerns.

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I think Nest is on the right track, however if I was building a new home I would want a much more sophisticated system that included multiple zones and reporting. Unless it is controlling an empty vacation cottage during the winter, it's a convenience but isn't necessary for the system to be controlled via the 'net. However, notifications of system failures are important.
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I would have to agree with rick. The nest unit would probably be OK for a basic standalone unit. However, if you are looking to automate your home, or make an automated thermostat one of the components of a automation system, there are many other directions in which I would pursue.

First start by looking at the major players in the automation industry

URC (universal remote control)
control 4
key digital

review some systems from these companies and find the one with the features that best suits your needs.

I personally have worked with 4 of the 7 companies on somewhat of a regular basis and am familiar with their stuff.

What other components are you looking to control? lights, shades, A/V, etc?
Does your system require remote access?
what is your desired control interface? (mobile device, tablet, touch panel, keypad, etc.)?

these are many of the options that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a system. Once some of the basics have been covered, this will point you in a general direction of which vendor to go with.

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Nest VS What else is out there

I am a newbie but went through a similar decision not to long ago.

I was looking at automation options/upgrades that I can do to my home that do not come with a monthly fee. I was looking at the Nest. It is a solid DIY upgrade to any home, but as mentioned above is that Nest is rather limited. It does climate but not much else. Even though it has some intelligence (presence detection) it is rather limited based on the location Thermostats are installed (typically a hallway).

After looking at many options. Some listed above I opted for a company from Europe that opened an office here in town. they have a PLC style controller (Miniserver) that comes with some capable software that allows me to configure the system to control climate, lighting, garage door and alarm.

I started out controlling two heat pumps. Then expanded to controlling the water heater, ceiling fans and some LED lighting as well as my garage and IP cameras. I have also included a Blue Line Innovation power meter reader so I can see my homes power consumption in the Loxone app. By adding just a few sensors to my home I was able to configure some real nice tricks to my home. I think Loxone is more or less a professional platform but if you not shy on running some CAT5 wires then you will enjoy the added capability it offers. For sure Home Automation is here!

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