Bad phone lines in the house

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About 2 weeks ago we starting hearing terrible crackling noises on our phone line, you can barely hear the person on the other end. After talking to Ameritech and doing the test they told me to do with the box on the outside of the house, I have determined it is the phone lines in our house (not Ameritech's fault).

Does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot this problem. I have unplugged all of the phones and used only a brand new corded phone and the crackling still happens, I don't think it is any of our phones. And it happens on at least the 3 most used jacks, so I don't think it's a bad phone jack.

Our house is 40 years old, and of course we just bought it. If you have any advice or experience with this I'd appreciate your help.


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Make sure that no-one has hung any clothes on the telephone line in the basement. A similiar situation happened to me a few years ago when my wife used the telephone wire running on the ceiling in the basement as a clothes line and it put just enough strain on it to rub against the edge of the
furance pipe.

Next to that to eliminate any possibility that an phone could be a problem, disconnect every single phone /answering machine /computer in the entire house , know check 2 or 3 phone jacks in the house with 2 phones, one at a time (this is to eliminate the possibility of checking with the problem phone.

Next to that you would have to disconnect the interior phone line runs as it enters the house, and temporary (if one is not already there) connect a phone jack to the entrance location or at the telephone companies terminal block on the outside of the house, with the intyernal house telephone wires disconnected, again check with 2 phones. Does the same problem appear, if it does then the problem lies before that point ...the telephone company, possibly theire burried cable ?

If no static/hum, then the problem lies after that point , wires coming into the house/internal telephone house wiring/jacks.

Repost with what you find and we will go from there.

Of one more thing , if you use the computer on the same line, what is your current connection speed now, and what was it before.

this is a telephone wiring user guide from my telephoen company which might provide some further info.
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What dkerr has told you all sounds like good advice. Hook your phone to the outside box, with all the internal wiring to the house disconnected, this will tell you where the problem is.
We have the same problem here from time to time, right after it rains. The underground cables bet wet and short across, once they dry out we are good to go again. Of course the phone company say they have fixed the problem, until it rains again.
If you hook your phone to the outside box as discribed and get a "clean" signal. Than hook up on branch of your internal wires at a time, checking the signal each time you add a branch, if you have more than one line going into the house. This should let you know which branch is giving you problems. Than it is a matter of makeing sure all connections are tight and secure.
Good luck, let us know what happens......

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