Running Coax Cable From Attic... Help


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Running Coax Cable From Attic... Help

I need to split the signal from my satellite dish. I want to run the split coax cable up the wall where the existing cable enters. Then, retrieve the end from the attic and drop it through the ceiling in a bedroom.

How do I do this? I am considering removing the coax plate, taping the second cable to the existing cable along with a strong string. Then, pull the existing coax cable from the attic. I can then run the split cable to the bedroom and pull the existing cable back down into place with the attached string.

Will this work? I have no idea how the cable is actually run. Is there a better way to do it?

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Chances are, you will get hung up somewhere in between. I am not familiar with a split cable but, from what you said it sounds like you would be replacing the existing cable with one that carries to sets of inner cables inside a common outer casing(insulation).

This being the case, I would try this. Disconnect both ends and tie one off with a string so you don't pull it through the wall. Try pulling from the end that you intended on pulling from to see how fre it is. You will have to pull any slack out of it before the other end starts moving. If both ends are terminating in a wall box you will not be able to do this without risking pulling the cable back into the wall and getting it hung up there. If you suspect that there is any more than one turn or anything that could cause the cable to bind up you will likely not be successful. If the cable can be pulled freely, put a double femail RF connector on the existing cable and attach the new one to the end. wrap the connection real good with tape so that it doesn't get stressed or pull apart. This is better than taping the ends side by side because that requires wider openings in anything that the cable is passing through and is more likely to bind up on something (attic insulation, rafters, other wires...)

Be prepared to take a trip up into the attic, which we might just want to do from the start if you have access.
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Sounds good...

It sounds like it should work then...

That trip to the attic should be fun... That side of the house has cathedral ceilings. I can walk around on the studs everywhere except where I will need to be!

After re-reading my post... I am amazed that anyone could decipher it!!

I will be sending a new cable from the back of my TV up the wall into the attic, after I split the signal from my satellite receiver. I plan to use the existing cable to bring the new cable up as I pull the existing cable from the attic. I would also attach the string so that I can get the original cable back down into place.

Or, I may just loosen up a bit and buy another satellite receiver for $120. That sounds like the best option.

Thanks for the input.
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By going up into the attic it will cut down on the turns and distance that you have to pull increasing the liklyhood that you would be successful. One caution, with a cathedral ceiling, you don't have much room to work. You want to be careful that you don't get hung up on and tare the insulation between the ceiling and the roof.

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