Diming lights

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Ronald Collard
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Diming lights

once and a wile all the lights in my home blink and go bright and dim. last night the went out for two hours and came back on, the rest of the house worked fine including all apliances. no breakers ever triped. this as been an ongoing problem.
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I am no expert, but the first thing to trouble shoot your problem is to find out what circuit your lights are on. From the amount of info you supplied it sounds like all of the lights could be on the same circuit and if this is the case the issue could potentially be a short in a wire or connection somwhere in your circuit. Probably toward the begining of the circuit or in the box that the first problem light/receptacle on the circuit is wired to. Generally what I have seen depending on how many lights you have, most houses do not have all of the lights on one circuit, generally 15 amp circuits can run lights and receptacles together. But it is worth investigating to find out. The question is, does every single light in your house behave in this fashion? If you can determine what order the receptacles and lights are wired that are on that circuit, you may be able to zero in on the location of the short based off of what electrical devices on that circuit misbehave. Like I said I am no expert, but your problem does have the symptoms of a weak connection. You can locate it by using a voltage meter and testing various devices on the circuit when the problem occurs to find out if that specific device has power or not. If the device does have power when the lights spontaneously shut off then the problem is located after that device on the circuit. If the device does not have power then the problem lies at or before that device. By the word device I am referring to switches, lights, receptacles and junction boxes. This is my 2 cents I hope it helps you. If it isn't a short or weak connection let me know what it is because this is a new one to me, I have no idea what else it could be. Good Luck.

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