magnavox projection problems

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justin brantley
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magnavox projection problems

i have a 1993 magnavox projection 50 somthing inch tv.

The picture is projecting to wide for the screen. It is Out of focus on the horizontal sides of the screen. the center of the picture is good but eight inches or so on each side is blurry and two inches are cut off. what should i do to fix it
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justin brantley, What we have here is a case of weak high voltage that leads to blooming of the picture, due to overdeflection(or overscanning) which is attributed to the electron beam spending more time then necessary inside the yoke region of the picture tube. This causes the picture to be too big for the screen which also affects the focus. Failures in the flyback usually cause this problem. I would suspect the power supply/sweep module as the culprit. What the model or chassis number and date of manufacture of this television?

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I've probably got the same model as you (if it's an older one).

I had the power supply replaced on mine ($400) when I lost all picture (but not sound).
With the new power supply the picture was wider than the screen by about 2" on each side.

The repair tech said that the horizontal size was set by the factory on the board, and that, though he could readjust it, it would probably cause the power supply to fail again, so I just live with it.

Here recently though, I'm getting distortion whenever text appears. Doesn't happen on pictures, only text, such as film credits, cable guide channel, etc. Gonna have to have it checked again.

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