Repair of Akai model AC-M43 music system

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Question Repair of Akai model AC-M43 music system

The amplifier keeps intermittently switching off and on. When this happens, the CD can still keep playing, but there is no sound, also power to the CD cannot be turned off. What checks can I make? Does anyone have a soft copy of the circuit diagram?
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Cool Repair...

Thatís one of the reasons I donít care for the ďAll in WonderĒ stereos. I would venture to say its solder joints somewhere and a data line is being dropped from the CPU. Akai isnít what it used to be and if the unit isnít too old it may be worth one repair. This is not something I think you are going to be able to do yourself. Akai will not sell you the schematic nor will any repair shop give you a copy. Repair shops pay huge amounts of money to subscribe to these schematics and protect them like their children. You can try to contact them and see if they will sell you one but it will run around $50 plus dollars. What you can do however is to open the case and look around the board near the heat sinks and see if there are any broken, cracked or cold solder joints. Try re-soldering these joints with a 40 to 60 watt iron and 60/40 solder. Itís also possible that the output flatpack ahs blown or shorted internally but I doubt it.

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