Picture turns green


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Picture turns green

I have a Zenith System 3 TV, model no. SS6512H. Manufactured date of March 91. It will work fine after being turned on but after about 5 minutes screen will flicker green then back to normal and after about 30 minutes the screen turns completely green. Sound remains ok. Is this TV fixable or is it better to buy a new one?
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eilerman.m, Sounds like cracked solder joints on the crt board on the neck of the picture tube, start there first before we say the green color gun in the picture tube is shorting.

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I agree. Sounds like a bad connection around the circuit that develops the G-Y ( that's Green minus Yellow) and the green driver is running unchecked.

Of course, a bad connection on the picture tube will do the same thing. If the green connection is grounded or compromised, the
green gun will go to saturation. But, this is rare.

Suggest you follow Freddies advice. Check for a bad connection on the circuit board.

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Is this something I can check? I am a novice. Or should I contact a qualified technician? If I can check it what do I need to do?

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As Freddy said, it is most likely a bad solder connection on the
circuit boards.

To chase it, you need to have the back off the set and have the set under power. Use a non-metallic wand (anything other than a pencil) to poke and prod around the circuit board (while watching the screen). Why not a pencil? The core is graphite and conducts electricity. You can get shocked.
Watching the screen while poking? Put a mirror in front of the set.

When you find the "sensitive spot" on the board (where you change the picture), mark it. Then power down the set, unplug it, and solder the circuit board using a low heat (not a soldering gun) iron and a little 60-40 electronic solder. All this is available at Radio Shack.

You often can't see a bad solder joint. You can look at it under a magnifying lens and can't see the bad connection. Only thing you
can do is "solder everything". And, you may have to do this two or three times until you hit the right spot.

But, Zenith is famous for these bad solder connections.


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