Pioneer stereo repair

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Pioneer stereo repair

Hello, I have a Pioneer stereo receiver model VSX-D902S. It is about 8 years old, and has functioned fine until today. As I sat listening to it, it made a small clicking noise and there was no longer any sound output. I've had the cover off, and there are 5 fuses on top which I tested and found to be good. The display works fine, and the "little light bars" on the front move up and down indicating a proper stereo sound input. There are two large capacitors in the case that look identical, but measuring the case of one of them to ground reads 76 volts, while the other one reads nothing.(don't know if that is supposed to be like that, or if that has anything to do with the problem). There are several other small capacitors, and a couple of them don't read voltage from the top of the case to ground either. I can't get to the bottom of the transformer to measure input and output without further disassembly of the unit. The heatsink is hot like the amp is working. Now, the question is...Is there a larger fuse than the very small ones up at the top of the case that I can't see, or is there another component that I need to investigate? Any help would be cool, the pioneer website no longer lists this receiver for any kind of support.
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Cool Re-solder...

Well the voltages to the large filter caps are within tolerance, my first thing to have you do is get to the bottom of the board where the leads for the outputs and regulators go thru. Check and or re-solder the connections around the heat sink. Bet you this takes care of itů

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