removed tv out of case, no power

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removed tv out of case, no power

i am restoring an arcade cabinet. i needed a monitor so i decided to pick up an old tv as the monitor. yesterday i removed everything out of the tv casing ( picture tube, circuit boards...) and threw it in the arcade cabinet. i did not disconnect anything that was attached to the picuture tube. just unscrewed everything and threw it in the arcade cabinet.

now that everything is mounted inside the cabinet, i turned on the tv(now out of its case) and the thing does not power on anymore. i cant figure out what i did wrong. just to let you know, there was an old speaker that was already in the cabinet with a big magnet on it in which the circuit board got real close to.

could that have caused it to not power up anymore? how can i fix this problem?

anyhelp is appreciated.


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Cool TV?

Well if it worked before you put it in the case then you had to have unplugged something etc. Double check and make sure everything is seated good. Magnet most likely didnít make a difference. It would also help to know what chassis of TV you used to do the transfer with. By the way the edit I did was to remove the curse word. No big deal just try not to let any cursing in. Jeez I can cuss in a sentence and make sense!

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