Mitsubishi projection tv has bad green convergence

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Question Mitsubishi projection tv has bad green convergence

Mitsubishi projection tv has bad green convergence, on test mode the line from top to bottom is ok, but the line from left to right does not reach the borders it is about 6 inches shorter at each end the line is stright in the middle but curves downwards at the ends & this tube seems to be weaker than the red & blue .
I have checked the converge board & it seems to be ok also it seems to only control the red & blue tubes, I have fired it up with all wires disconnected from the converge board & the problem is still there, I then swaped the red & green crt boards & yoke wires to see if the problem would show up in a different tube,
It did not it was still in the green tube.
I now have to figure out if its the CRT or the YOKE ?
and I dont really feel like swapping yokes with another tube in order to find out because the red & blue are setup perfect & I do not have a cross hatch generator .
it looks to me like the field has started to collapse a bit,
I have also heard that those old sets are famous for bad yokes ?
but I have no first hand experience on projection systems,
I mainly service tv`s & computer monitors.

if any one out there has worked with these old dino`s
please let me know what you think
its a mitsubishi VS-403CA or VS-403R ,Chassis: QV5

Bogus Jones
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hey Bogus,
i was just about to post a message about the same problem, but mine is on the red. the horiz line is curved all others are ok. mine is also a dino, (mitsu VS-404R). im gonna piggy back with you and see whats up!

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Looks like you troubleshooted and solved your own problem by swapping connections. the next step is to contact mitsubishi and see if the yoke is still available.

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red tube problem

a common prob with the red & blue convergence that run through the convergence bord , problem may be in the stk4273
they use one for red & one for blue on the convergence board .part has been replaced with
stk4274 retails for about $ 13.00 CDN try

if any one needs service manual for mitsubshi vs-403R
I can post in my web space & send you a link

As for my problem I still have not swaped yokes yet to determine
if its the yoke or the crt. I will do that next week when I have some time,
as mitsubishi has discontinued most of the parts for these sets
I have not had any luck locating a green yoke as of yet,
I have located a company that has the crt`s but not the complete
IE mounting & cooling hardware & #6 lense that comes as a projection tube assy.
this company will change the hardware from my old crt to the new one for no extra charge but I have to ship them my old assy,
I dont know if that includes cooling fluid fill up or not,
the price they gave me for the crt was around $165.00 usd.

If anyone knows where I can source a green yoke for an older mitsubshi set (1985) please let me know

Bogus Jones
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I did the swap with the red & green yoke & the green yoke was bad, lots of corrosion on the copper windings & one field open.

the bad news is that mitsubishi has discontinued the part
& I have had no luck in being able to source one,

if anyone knows of any place that I might obtain one, new or used
please let me know
part # is 330p09003


Bogus Jones

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