Fix or buy new (tv/vcr combo)


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Fix or buy new (tv/vcr combo)

I have a zenith 13" TV/VCR combo that the tv works fine but the vcr just quit. Anyone know what the average cost of fixing this type of tv/vcr. I know it's not liked by the repair people, kind of like the small camcorders.

I imagine the cost being 50-70 dollars. But who knows without knowing what's really wrong. Could just be a drive band off.

Well what do you guys think, I'll crack it open and see what I can find. I'm an electrical engineer but electronics repair is another ball game. I have more knowledge in the power side of things.

Any advice is welcomed.
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Cool Well...

Well look at it this way, how old is it? And if it is going to cost more than half the repair cost to replace then buy new. Belts and such can be easy but getting the unit apart is the challenge and the real challenge is getting it back together. Since you must have some experience working in electronics and maybe some smaller stuff you might be able to do this yourself. Around $20 for the belts and pinch roller, in Hints, Tips, and tricks under my handle here is a detailed explanation on how to clean a VCR.
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Well I opened it uplast night and found three hair clips a matchbox car and a few stickers, inside the vcr.

Ok getting the thing apart was fairly easy and getting the vcr unit to slide out of the clips wasn't too bad either. But I see nothing wrong with the vcr itself, so I put the thing back together, again very easy just about 5-6 mini strips to plug back in and that was it.

Put a tape in hit play, no dice, nothing. I checked all of the drive belts and everything seems to be in good order. I'm about to go get a vcr at wal-mart and be done with this. I highly doubt I'll get this fixed for less than 56 bucks. As wally world has a four head hi fi for $56.

It really was a lot easier to get to than I thought it was going to be.

Thanks Bigmike
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Cool Cool...

Cool, some of them can be a real challenge! The belts etc will appear fine unless they are just rotting off. But int the same way a tire gets soft after a long time belts etc do too and lose their elasticity. But your right, how can you not replace it for $50? Shame too because there are some nice old pieces equipment out there that I would love to get hold of that are hittng landfills...

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