Zenith VCR noise


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Unhappy Zenith VCR noise

My old Zenith VCR growls, grumbles,scratches, and booms LOUDLY.I've tried different tapes, cleaning the head, and looking for home radio towers in the neighborhood. Nothing. The noise doesn't come from the tv, just the VCR when I play or record a tape. Hoping for a simple loose wire I can fix. Any chance? Also... how hard is it to get a new remote (buttons are worn down)?
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Cool Have a Wake...

Jeez man time for a new one! If the thing is doing all that and it’s so old that the buttons are wore off give it a good Christian burial and buy a new one. $75 at any Wally world etc…
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Wally world, huh? O-o-o-kay.
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Cool VCR...

Just to give you an idea of what’s happened it sounds like it has jumped time. A belt or gear could have given up and allowed this, or something in the tape transport (basket) has broken. The banging etc are the gears etc clacking together and spring loaded levers trying to move but since the gears will not hold, the levers etc jump back into their original place. But seriously, and old Zenith is really not worth repair, by the time you replace all the belts and tires and figure out how and where it jumped time you can buy a new one. I am curious as to why you would look for towers in your neighborhood. A ham or even CB radio would not cause this. All they cause is RFI in TV and radio not mechanical failure. I am a ham is why I ask you that. And Wally world is my way of saying Wall-mart. I don’t care for them because they run smaller people like me out of business because it’s cheaper to buy than to repair. Springfield, Mo. Is about 200K people and we have eight Wally worlds in a 15 miles radius! Bit of overkill I say and they want to put in another one in Ozark, Mo. About 10 miles from SGF city center… Anyway, the VCR is just not worth repair, if it was a JVC or Sony that was stereo and had never been repaired I would say go for it at least once. The remote could be replaced by a universal but it may not run the menus on it etc…

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valmom, You say this is very old zenith ( possibly from 1986 to 1989 which makes it a JVC chassis). Is the model number in the 1800 series? Is it stereo?

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Lightbulb Goldstar chassis

The ones made in the mid to late 90's have a "clutch fork" which fails frequently.
A new "assembly" costs $15.00
For a remote look for an "Allegro" brand it will work all the menu functions
But in general VCRs have outlived their days of being worth repair.
So have TV's 25" and smaller in most cases
Even soem 27" and 32" TV's are getting to the point of being disposable.
The only thing saving TV reapairmen these days is HDTV and Big screens.

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