fixing a free projection hitachi


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fixing a free projection hitachi

Hell, you know you can't pass up seeing a 48" projection tv.. when all you've got is a 17" panasonic...

Someone was throwing it out and I took it home.

I found both fuses on the Power Sub board toasted. So I replaced them and they blew again. Then I cleaned the board of dust, found one possible short between components, tried again and only one blew, I now have sound..well static anyway, the changer plinks and the sound dies for a second. So I'm thinking ahh dust.. so i de-dust as much as i could and seeing as i'm down to one 1.5A 125v fuse, i decide to swap it to the other fuse holder. And plink, i have an image... of what I'm unsure. Perhaps I'll have to wait until i get more fuses but here's what I see

Black border with white square in the middle of the screen. All three tubes are working, (hence the white), but the image is squished inwards. anyone know how to adjust a projection tv,, there are about a thousand pots all over....

any help is appreciated,, i'm pretty lost when it comes to troubleshooting tv's...other than looking for the obvious shorts.. and dust! hehe...

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Whats the brand, model number, and date of manufacture on this television?

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partial answer

i'ts an Hitachi, 1989 model, and i'd have to get the model number from it when I get home tonight. I do know the boards are designated VX7D, VX7 if that helps.

model: ct4520k

Here's the new problem,, after dedusting and fixing a short.

TV turns on, projects an all white screen(fullscreen), sound is playing (I hear a station tuned in). In about 5-6 seconds one of the fuses blow, and the screen is dead, but the sound is still working.

Any thoughts?

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