Mitsubishi 27" TV clicks but will not power on. Model # CS-2715R

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Question Mitsubishi 27" TV clicks but will not power on. Model # CS-2715R

I have a Mitsubishi 27" CS-2715R, made October 1991.

It only clicks (I guess its the relay) when you press power, but it does not stay on. The CRT comes on for a second (no picture or anything; it is still black, but you can hear and feel the static on the screen) and then goes right back off with the click. All within about 1 second.

Any suggestions?

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Tech Tip as follows:

1)Relay engages but no start up./ Suspect open L909. Located on pcb-deflection at i.c.901 pin#1. Part#411p012010.

2)Power up inop. in shutdown./Ic901, r903 increased in value, . Also check 2200uf and 1000uf capacitors in the power supply.

3)Power supply and h.v. cycles on and off./Rk7 B+ supply to protect is open.

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Sorry to be a delinquent poster. I have just gotten around to checking the thing today. It appears that the resistor may be the problem. You noted it as RK7. On the board i only found R5K7 (i think?). It tests open and the unit now acts the same (which now is turning on and off rapidly) with the resistor completely removed.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Radio Shack to (hopefully) find a new 33K Ohm resistor tomorrow.

I'll update with the results.

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No such resistor at Radio Shack or in their catalog. Any ideas on where to buy resistors and other components online? I checked and they didn't have anything close to what i needed. I really don't know where to check for a better selection.

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Talking FIXED! wooohoo!

Ok so I finally tracked down the resistor at (thanks Fred!) and that did the trick. I've left it on for 8 or 10 hours at a time for a couple days at it has had no problems.

Thanks, Fred, for you help!

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