Toshiba TP50G60 In Shutdown Mode


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Toshiba TP50G60 In Shutdown Mode

I have a 50" Toshiba Projection TV (TP50G60) that was manufactured in 1997. When power is connected, relay clicks on and off and power led blinks - indicating that it is in a shutdown mode (at least I think it is based on the information I have found on the web). The TV had symptons prior to it completely not working. When initially powered up, the picture would be compacted horizonatally (i.e. the entire picture squeezed into the middle of the screen) but then it would eventually fix itself. Any troubleshooting tips? Thanks, Brian
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Tech Tip as follows:

1)Shutsdown at turn on, red light flashes./Replace Q301 vertical output i.c. La7833. Pins #1 and #2 shorted.

2)Relay click, then shutsdown, red light flashes./replace convergence i.c. - Stk392-110.


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