HD TV what will happen??


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HD TV what will happen??

Is it true that in four years the government will force all broadcast tv stations to go to High Defination TV. Will they be eliminating the current type of signal ? I've heard that we will have to buy a HD tv or buy a box in order to get a signal on a traditional tv. Does anyone know the story on this ??????
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Basically, that's about it. I don't know if I'd call it "forcing". The picture quality is superior, and they have a few years to convert. And then analog will be phased out. One of five locals here is already broadcasting in HD(and simultaneous analog). When all the tv manufacturers are onboard and the competition heats up, HDTV's will be quite a bit cheaper than they are today. You'll probably opt for a new TV versus buying a converter box.
Remember the first VCR's - over a grand and my first blank vhs tape was $17.95

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The sponsers simply won't allow TV stations and cable companies to leave consumers "hanging"
They have WAY to much $$$ to loose.
The sponsers after all are paying for the programs you watch on TV.
The rate the TV stations charge the sponsers is controlled by how many viewers are watching the program.
TV stations simply could not afford to cut out 1/2 of the veiwers....
HTDV is quite sweet and here in OKC COX is adding HDTV in the first part of the year.
I personally am going to wait until more programming is avalible before I make the plunge
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you are right

i read article that if consumers do not buy hdtvs, there will not be hdtvs, also there is a converter box that will convert regular tv to hdtv..........the consumer rules.....................
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The FCC mandate is to move all stations to a digital broadcast signal by 2007.

But digital is not necessarily HD. For example, DVDs and dish nets are digital but not HD.

The FCC has already assigned additional bandwidth to the standard channels to create the bigger "pipe" that's necessary for HDTV. But not all stations are using that bandwidth for HD.

Many stations are already transmitting a digital signal (in addition to the NTSC analog). Problem is, many local stations and cable outlets do not have HDTV production gear. The only programs that are available in HDTV are network feeds.

During the times when there's no net feed, the locals are looking at either transmitting several standard-def signals simultaneously through the pipe, or selling off the additional bandwidth to banks and other companies as a data transmission medium.

Cable companies do not have to comply with the FCC's mandate. However, they see it coming. They have been gearing up by rewiring their grids for digital cable and making that an option.

By the time 2007 rolls around, wide-screen digital HD TVs will cost about the same as today's analog NTSC TVs.
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hdtv is great, 1080i broadcasts are unreal to watch. We have some hdtv broadcasts here on cable, but local stations are
480i. Except for big events like the ncaa tourney, the broadcast
is in 1080i.

Can't wait for all stations to be at least 1080i.
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