hooking up dvd player w/vcr & direct tv


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hooking up dvd player w/vcr & direct tv

I have a VCR hooked up to a satelite receiver from direct tv and this connects to an old TV that has only one port that is for antenna in. I recently purchased a DVD player that has all kinds of fancy colorfull plug ins, yellow, white and red.
My tv does not accept them, however, my direct tv satelite receiver and VCR will. now, I tried to follow the directions that came with DVD player, but they all assume the tv having these additional ports. so, I will describe this best I can. On back of satelite receiver we have a coax cable going from TV OUT to VCR IN then another coax going from VCR OUT to the back of my TV.
How do I hook up my DVD player without having to lose my option for using my VCR? Also, back of my DVD player has a S port and not a coax port. Just those darn fancy tri-colored thingies.
Do I need to buy something to make this work? like a new tv?
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Two things I would recommend investing in:

New TV
Auto input switching box

With the auto switch box, you connect your input devices (mine accepts up to four) to the box and have one output to the tv (coaxial or S-video). Whatever input device you activate, the auto switch sends that signal to the tv. We have the same components you list hooked up to our auto switch. If we are watching sat-tv and insert a dvd into the player, the auto switch changes and the dvd signal goes to the tv, etc. TV always stays on channel 00, which is the input channel used. It also has manual switching capability.

Our switch is a Sony and came from Circuit City.
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Well their might one way.

They do make a some that changes the RCA plug on the back of the DVD player to Cable but not sure if you can use it without changeing it everytime you want to see your vcr. I know you will get a ok picture not the best in the world but it work ok. I know I have one on a little tv that only has a cable input that is it. I know best buy has a cheap one for about $20 or so. I hope that helps. I know that DVD player are made so you can not go into a vcr first it make the picture really bad. They do that so you cannot make copies on your VCR.
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the tow guy is right. you need to invest in a simple ab switch. to sum it up radio shack. tell them what you have and what you want to do. also carry any manuals you have with you.

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