Panasonic Projection Convergence Menu

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Panasonic Projection Convergence Menu

Hello, i am writting, because i need help with this epidemic with my Panasonic PT 56HX40B Projection tv HDTV 56". I purchased this in 2000, and from day one i have had lousy convergence. I have tryed refusely, to get help from the place i purchased it and they refuse to help. I am realy upset with this problem, thus i have researched this problem for some time now. Throught the normal tv convergence menu I try to set the convergence and can only get the center fine, however on top vertically, the red and blue lines are located to the left half of the screen while the bottom section of the screen has the same red and blue lines located on the right half of the screen instead. This is also the same problem that i have for the horizontal convergence. i have read, manuals from similar models that i have been able to get my hands on, however the proceedure doesn't seem to lead me to where i expect.
After getting into the serviceman mode, i only see after pressing power , a little blue box in the bottom right hand screen with hex like numbers. i expected a menu of some sort. Also , how do i get into DAC , which is where i belive i can adjust course and fine setting for convergence. Also, how do i put a grid on the screen? The screen looks skewed (such that i would adjust with course setting,) however the convergence isn't that bad, so would i use a fine adjustment? Please help i really would like this resolved. Thanks Chris
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Sounds like your problem is with the convergence board if you are unable to move the beam or lock in your adjustments.

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Since you put some good $ into your set I would suggest finding a "qualified" service tech and get the set properly calibrated. 90% of the time the color temp is set way to high off the shelf and the convergence should be adjusted via the service menu. I would not suggest that you enter the service menu without the proper Panasonic tech book or experince, there is just way to much to screw up in there. Once calibrated you will think you have a new TV, the picture will be that much better!
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i have a panny also, i found the set-up for convergence which i
could give you. if, however you don't have 35 years tv repair experience or at least some prior tv servicing experience, i would
be doing a gross disservice. it's not easy and for the expense you've already expended, let a pro do it.

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