connecting DVD to VCR or TV?


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connecting DVD to VCR or TV?

I've acquired a DVD player but it comes with no cable. What kind of cable do I need if I want to "add" the DVD player to my TV and VCR setup? Is it better to connect it to the TV or to the VCR and exactly what is the best way to do it?
(I don't have a fancy TV or separate speakers - just your basic cable-ready RCA TV and Panasonic VCR.) Thanks,

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Your DVD player should have an RCA-type video output jack (often color coded yellow). This is the same type of jack used to connect audio components (like CD players and tape decks) to a receiver or amplifier.

The DVD should also have a pair of RCA-type jacks for the audio output. These are typically color coded red for the right channel and white for the left.

Use a stereo A/V cable to connect the audio and video outputs from your DVD player to the video and audio inputs on your TV. The cable will have three RCA-type connectors on each end. You can get the cable at at Radio Shack, Best Buy, or Circuit City. If your TV doesn't have audio and video inputs you can connect them to to your VCR's audio and video input.

Your DVD may also have an S-video output jack. This will look like the round PS/2 (not the rectangular USB) connector for a keyboard or mouse on a computer. If your TV has an S-video input I recommend buying an S-video cable and connecting the video this way for the best picture quality.

Good luck,
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You'll probably have very bad luck connecting the DVD to the VCR. Most DVDs are copy-protected and will drive your VCR nuts.
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if your tv is without rca connections
and your dvd player drives your vcr nuts.

pick up an rf modulator at radio shack.

Connect the rca output of dvd to the modulator
connect you satellite dish or cable box rca or co-ax to the vcr.
connect the co-ax output of the vcr to the modulator
connect the co-ax out of the modulator to the tv.
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Any device that strips and replaces the sync pulse off the video signal will defeat MacroVision. A modulator does this. So do any number of "enhancers" such as proc amps, time-base correctors and frame synchronizers. Even the cheepo Radio Shack video enhancer will do this.

MacroVision works by fooling with the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) circuit on a VCR. By changing the level of the sync pulse from full on to nearly off at random in 30th of a second increments, the AGC is not fast enough to respond. The result is a recording that is either too dark or saturated and "torn". TV circuits are fast enough to compensate every 30th of a second, so their pictures generally are stable.

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