Magnavox Rm8530 HELP :-(


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Magnavox Rm8530 HELP :-(

i have a Magnavox RM8530 58" rear projection tv made in 1991
i tryed to clean the lense and got some of the cooling liquid on the main board (27u1-or-31u1) and it went out! it powered up for a bit then shut down and a resistor went out but im thinking i need a new main board or can it be fixed if it can is it hard?
if not where can i buy a new one?

Please help

Robby :-)
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come on peeps help me out here
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I know picture tube TV but not much the projection TV, so I wait for more knowledgible person to jump in.

Anyway, if your cooling liquid (what chemical?) is corrosive and severely ate your main board and components, you may need to change the new one.

But at this time I suggest you look carefully on the main board of what traces and components got the liquid. You can try clean it with cotton swaps and IPA to get the corrosive materials out as much as you can. Carefully inspect for bad traces and components. Your bad traces and components should be where the liquid spilled. Most likely that you fix the trace and replace bad components with the new one. The set should work again.

I have never changed the whole new board when I fixed TV, and I guess it can be expensive. In case you REALLY need it, I'm sure you can ask your local Magnavox TV service center to order you one.

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