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Question Dunlavy Speakers

My sister has $5,000 Dunlavy speakers. I say that due to not knowing the model. She found both speakers to have the tweeters (Vifa D27TG35-06) blown. I replaced them now one of them is blown again. I monitored the cross over and found no spikes at the tweeters? Did I get bad tweeters? is the cross overs blowing them? Any help would be great.
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had simliar problem with woofer, it was the crossover network.you can try hooking the output from the reciever directly to each individual speaker one at a time, if the speaker sounds ok , move on to next speaker, this procedure helped me pint point the problem.
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What amplification is being used with the speakers and how hard is the system being driven ? Clipping distortion from an underpowered amp or receiver that is overdriven will easily fry tweeters. That is one possibility.
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Thumbs up LOL!

How much power are you pumping into these speakers. What
are the rated capacity of your speakers for power?

Some years ago, I had a fellow bring me a Dynaco 120 W
stereo amp. Truly state of the art. The signal circuit was a
Tektronix oscilloscope vertical circuit. The output was pure
capacitive connection. But, this amp had the final amps blown.

I replaced the amps, checked the power, and checked the
signal transfer using a square wave generator. Beautiful
amp! True reproduction.

A week later, the same amp came back in for the same failure.
I checked it and the final amps were blown.

So, I asked the customer to bring me his speaker system so I
could check it out.

He brought me two automotive (car) speakers (4 ohms)
mounted in milk cartons. The voice coils on the speakers were
melted from all the power they were receiving.

I fixed the amplifier (again) but wouldn't give it back to him until
he showed me he had a decent speaker system. Back in those
days, we could get away with this stuff. Technicians were
considered as Gods.

Make sure the speakers and the amplifier are compatible. If the
amp puts out X-Watts, will the speakers handle that kind of


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