samsung tv with no sound

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Angry samsung tv with no sound

need help,
i have a 27' samsung tv. I lost the sound on my tv. I had a repair person look at the tv and he said that I had a bad chip. so i changed that chip. i now have sound from my rca jacks to my stereo, but i still don't have sound to my speakers. any suggestions.
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no sound

the chip that i changed was on the heat sink, it was tda7266s. checked the speakers they are ok, still no sound
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this might be way too obvious, but are the internal speakers enabled in on screen display?
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no sound

I have checked the internal speakers, they are on. I have also checked in the factory setting mode to see if the volume is up. that's ok. I'm just not getting sound to the speakers. I have sound out through the rear rca jacks but not the speakers.
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A look at the circuit diagram (schematic) or a prod around with an oscilloscope would probably reveal all.

In the absence of those two handy items, the only thing that can be said is that a TDA 7266s is a sound output chip and as such, there isn't likely to be much in between the output pins of it and the TV speakers.

With that in mind and knowing that the chip being changed, perhaps it might be worth taking a strong magnifying glass to the area and looking out for a physical fault. Check for hairline cracks in the print, especially around the chip just changed. Then trace the printed track to where the speakers are plugged in. Take a good look at it all for anything amiss.

My strongest feeling though, is that the chip may not be working at all. So, as well as checking the above, also check that it has a voltage supply.

It would be possible to get sound at the RCA jacks without the chip working because the feed for 'audio out' is usually taken before the final sound output stage (i.e. the input side of TDA 7266s).

A job to say for sure about that without seeing the schematic or tracing where the printed circuit tracks go to however. Also you say that changing the chip got the sound back to the RCA sockets whereas is wasn't there before?

Anyway, a bit more food for thought there and a few things to look into.

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