Strange problem when Svideo cable is connected


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Strange problem when Svideo cable is connected

Ok here goes.

TV: zenith 27", 2 A/V inputs 1 S-Video input - One input channel (not line 1, line 2 line 3 etc...)
DVD player: RCA Connected to S-video on TV
Xbox: Connected using standard A/V connectors to A/V on TV

Ok the TV only has one Input channel, I guess it auto detects what device is trying to use the TV, my problem is if I want to play Xbox, and switch to the input channel the channel is blank unless I disconnect the Svideo cable, the DVD player is turned off although there is still a light showing it is off (has power)

I'm guessing the DVD player is still sending a signal even though it is off? Is this the reason I have to disconnect the Svideo cable everythime I want to play xbox?
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The DVD player may be in a "ready" state as opposed to an off state. The best way to verify if it is the DVD player is to unplug the DVD player from the wall outlet and leave the SVideo cable connected to the TV. Try using the XBox then and see if the problem goes away. If not, the problem would more than like be the SVideo cable itself or the connection to the back of the tv it plugs into.
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One of your A/V inputs might be an either/or, but not both (either svideo or RCA, but not both). If it is, it likely gives priority to the svideo connection. Have you tried connecting your xbox to the other A/V in?

Another solution if you want to spend $40-50 on the problem is to get an svideo switch box and svideo cable for the xbox. Connect the dvd player and xbox to the switchbox, and then the switchbox to the tv. You will also need one more set of cables for this solution. Your xbox will look much better with svideo...

Check for the switchbox and cables. Get the xbox cable used from a local gaming store.
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Most TV's that give you the option to connect both an s-video and composite inputs will switch to s-video and ignore the composite as long as there is a s-video connector plugged in it.

So what you're seeing is 'by design'

A cheap and somewhat elegant solution is to go down to your local Best Buys/ Frys/ Circuit City/ Radio Shack/ Target/ Walmart and get yourself a 5-channel passive switch box for about $20. There are a bunch of different mfrs that build the same or similar, but the one made by Pelican ($19.99 retail) is the best looking and it matches the PS2 aesthetics. I personally don't care for the others since they are a bit too "trendy" looking. They'll all take composite, svideo and all the audio and switch into a single output that feeds into your TV input.

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