toshiba rear projection picture quality

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toshiba rear projection picture quality

I just had my toshiba rear projection focusing system adjusted because the picture quality appeared to have deteriorated slightly. The tech got into a screen which displayed a grid system and it was clear that the blue was off and the red just slightly. I watched as he adjusted each position so that the colors are all on top of each other. He then removed the screen and cleaned each lens.

The picture quality looked about the same, which really was excellent.

Of course after he left, I flipped to the local channels (have cable) and I noticed that all the channels were awful. The high definition channels and the HBO, Cinimax etc are clear (but when viewed at night where there is less light, they do not look as sharp as before). All the basic channels are "jagged". I had to remove one splitter in the cable line so that I would even be able to watch NBC.

Even watching a DVD (eliminating cable signal strength) was not as clear as I recall.

I went back into the convergence screen, as the tech did, and all the colors are aligned on top of each other.

The tech is coming back, but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts. I was even thinking that the colors should not be laid on top of each other but need to be off a little. Does this make sense. Also wondering if there is a way to get the settings back to factory default (so it undoes what the tech did originally). I would just love to get back to the original picture quality. As I said, it was excellent.
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Try turning your sharpness way down. Turning this up will introduce artificial edges that make the picture worse.

Buy the Digital Video Essentials DVD and do a self calibration of your tv. The DVD is cheap and walks you though it step by step.

Unplugging your tv for an extended period (days) should return it to defaults. There is also probably a service menu (if not the regular menu) that have a defaults switch.

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