Pioneer SD-P5183 Projection Screen

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Question Pioneer SD-P5183 Projection Screen

HELP!!!!! I have a strange but kinda funny problem. My male cat sprayed on the back of my '96 Pioneer SD-P5183 Projection TV. Some of it went into the TV through the ventilation holes. I took the back off and tried to clean off the spots that I could get to but my TV still won't work. It powers on but on some channels I get nothing but fuzz, and on others I get a "Enter your password" message. Problem is... I don't have a password that I know of! Also it seems to have messed up the convergence. The green seems to be fine, but the red curves up and the blue curves down. Is it possible the maybe it just tripped some codes or something? Is there a way to reset the programming or a universal password? PLEASE HELP... Any info or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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Was the TV on when this happened. You could be looking at multiple problems here if the moisture shorted out various section of the board - hence the puzzling symptoms. Having said that, shorting section of low voltage circuit should not really cause much damage since most ICs these days include overload protection.

Try waiting until the moisture drys out thoroughly and see if it starts working again.
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An awful thing to happen. The trouble is that it isn't just the moisture that's might cause the trouble. It's going to be pretty corrosive too I'd imagine and fine copper print, wire links, component legs might be affected.

This is certainly a job for an experienced repairer. All traces of the spray will need washing off as soon as possible and then drying thoroughly. The TV would need detailed examination to see the extent of where it has gone.

Only after that is it possible to start finding any components that may have gone wrong. If corrosion has occurred some whole sections or panels may need replacing.

Do you have household insurance? If the damage is too great it may be worth informing them of the accident.
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i'm not sure about this, but wouldn't a pencil eraser be a good diy tool for attempting to remove any dried on funk on the circuit board?
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I suppose it depends how long it has been since the accident and how intrusive the 'liquid' has been. I guess I'm basing advice on a case I had where the cat had filled a video recorder up with urine. It had got into the tuning sliders, the associated print and components. The people had left it a week to see if it would dry out before they called me in.

All that happened was that the urine had dried off a bit but couldn't where it had got right underneath I.C's and other components. The legs of transistors and tracks of print had corroded away.

I took the view that the whole assembly had to be removed from the machine and washed in soap and water to thoroughly remove the urine. As the washing took place the smell was terrible.

With the urine gone, I rinsed the assembly in clear water, then played a hairdrier over the panels unit I was sure they were completely dry. I bridged some track that had completely corroded away and replaced a few of the sliders and some transistors with non-existent legs. All in all, the none too pleasant repair just seemed to go on and on.

The video recorder did eventually end up working because I hated being beaten. It really should have been written off though. By no mean a profitable repair.

I can't say that mistyteter's problems will be that bad but that's the sort of damage that can result from this kind of mishap.

I've never tried the eraser method of removing residues of things but if the damage isn't too bad perhaps it would work OK.
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Smile Thanks... Here's where I stand now!

Thanks everyone for your help and advice!!! Ok, I climbed in the back of the tv (haha) and cleaned up all the areas I could get to. I couldn't believe it, but the TV actually came on and worked!!!!! Now the only thing I can see that has been affected is the convergence. The green seems to be fine but the red and blue are WAY off. Even when I try to go into the menu and adjust them I can't get them to all line up. The red and blue are showing up somewhat concave where as the green is straight. I replaced the whole convergence board about 3 years ago, am I gonna have to replace it again or does anyone have any advice on how I can correct this myself? I'm pretty good with fixing electronics I just don't know much about how the convergence stuff works. I would appreciate any advice or instructions I could get! If you think I'm gonna have to replace it again, does anyone know a good place to find that part??? It's a 95 (not 96) model Pioneer SD-P5183-K. Thanks again for all the tips!!!

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