Home Theater sound issues

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Home Theater sound issues

When watching some movies, voices are very difficult to understand, so we turn up the volume. Then we get hit with music or special effects and its too loud. We only have a 2 speaker system with powered sub. Are there any settings that can be tweaked to fix this? Also, regular TV is usually fine, its mostly when watching a DVD.

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This is normal - dvds have a much greater dynamic range than your typical tv broadcast. What this means is that the difference in volume between the quietest sound and loudest sound on a dvd is greater than the difference between the quietest sound and the loudest sound on a tv program.

The result is the situation you describe - when you turn up the volume to hear the dialogue, the explosions are very loud. This is more apperant on some dvds than others.

Personally, I like this about dvds since it emulates the way movies are presented in a theater. It may be that your system isn't calibrated properly, and the loud sounds are too loud. Try turning down your sub a bit and see if that helps. Expect the special effects to still be quite loud.

If you want movies to be more like tv, your recevier should have a setting for "Night" or "Quiet" or possibly "Dynamic Range". If you turn on this setting, the difference in volume I described above will be much less, and more like normal tv.

Do you have a 5 channel receiver? If you're receiver thinks you have a center channel, and you don't, you will be missing tons of dialogue.

Good luck!

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