Color streaks on T.V.

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Color streaks on T.V.

I'm having a problem and was hoping someone could help me. I've looked high and low on the internet and was unable to find the answer, so I hope you guys can. My problem is that there is a red and blue streak down the middle of my tv screen. There not straight, nor are they right next to each other, but I have noticed that they have grown, from what I belive as top to bottom.
Also, the tv screen will lose the picture for several minutes while still playing sound or the screen will flash like it was turned off then flash back on in about 1-2 sec.
My tv is a Mitsibishi (not sure on spelling) and is 15-20 years old. Is my tv dying?
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Could be a problem with the degaussing circuit. Could be the screen is magnetized and need to be degaussed by a service tech. Do you have any large magnets like speakers near the set. Sometimes there is magnetic fields in the wall that couse this. Try moving the set to different location and see if it affects the problem.
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I had some streaking on my screen a while ago and used an electric transformer type soldering iron to fix it.

To do this you would hold the soldering iron about a foot away from the center of the screen facing sideways. Then turn on the gun and bring it toward the screen and while holding it an inch away rotate the gun in circles toward the outside edge. While still holding the trigger move the gun away from the screen and then release the trigger.

For tv this old and the price of them nowadays you would do well to just replace it if this doesn't work.

Oh ya, don't burn yourself.
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Thx for the help. Since I'm busy with work this weekend, I'll have to wait till Wedsday to try the stuff out.
Here is some more information for you guys if it helps to narrow down the possibilities of whats wrong.
- Yes, there is 4 speakers around the TV, with 2 of them that I know of being magneticly shielded. I will try moving the speakers away from the tv instead of vis versa, tv way the hell to heavy for me to lift!
- The streaks look like a marker was drawn from top to bottom by a kid, but there is no kid. I bring this up cause this is just the oddest thing I have seen happen to a tv.
- When the screen flashes away, the picture rushes inward towards the center, leaving a red and greenish blue tint to be the last colors seen.
Thx again for your guys help, I had no idea where else to look .

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