Aggghhhh! Connecting TV,Stereo,DVD and Cable

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Aggghhhh! Connecting TV,Stereo,DVD and Cable

Can anyone help an idiot like me? I have a Panasonic TV, Pioneer Cable Box, Toshiba DVD and Aiwa Stereo? and NO CLUE!!! Wait, got the plug into the wall and that is as far as it goes. I am so female at this point. If there is anyone that can break it down Barney style for me I would greatly appreciate it!!!!
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The cable goes into the cable box and another cable goes from the output of the cable box to the connector on the tv. The DVD and stereo require a little more information. Basically, you want to use the best connection you can between the DVD and TV. Best is component video--blue, red and green color coded for the video and red and white for the audio. Next is S-video, a funny looking round connector with small pins on it which also uses red and white for audio. Next is composite video, yellow for video, red and white for audio. Is the stereo surround sound? Or dolby digital?
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I have a cable that has the S thingy and I also have a cable that has the red, yellow, white. Stereo is dolby surround.

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simple if it break down

Its not hard when you break it down.
Do it one at a time.

For each component (cable, DVD) you have video and audio.
Video can be done with
1) rf coax
2) composite cable (yellow color coding)
3) s-video
4) component (blue, red, green)

Audio connections:
1) with the video on the rf coax
2) red/white color coded plugs
3) digital coax/optical cable.

I doubt you have a digital TV, so don't worry about the component connections.

To get the surround sound from DVD to receiver you will need either the digital coax or fiber optic cable.

I prefer running both video and audio to my reciever and then only one connection to the TV. Your receiver may not be capable of doing this.

First - connect the cable box to TV with rf coax and receiver with red/white cables.
Second - connect DVD to TV with s-video and receiver with digital coax or optic cable.
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Sorry it is taking so long to reply, I am not ignoring you.....just a bizillion things happenin all at once....Half tempted to leave this as a project for Jim when he returns from Afghanistan, but just heard he was injured...gonna have nix the honey do list!

I have the TV and Cable box done and you are right I do not have digital TV

I feel like an idiot here! I can tear apart a computer blindfolded, put me in front of a TV and I go dumb instantly....Thanks for the help I do Appreciate it!!!!

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