copying VCR tapes

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Question copying VCR tapes

I'm wanting to copy some old home movies using two VCRs. I have the two VCRs but can someone tell me what I will need to hook them up, and how to hook them up, so that I can use one to play and the other to copy the tape being played.
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Put the original in VCR A.

Plug a cable into a jack labeled "Out" on VCR A

Plug the other end of the cable into a jack labeled "In" on VCR B

Put the blank tape in VCR B

Hit record on VCR B

Hit play on VCR A

I would make a couple practice runs with originals you don't care about because if you screw it up you'll could copy static over your originals. Make sure nothing is plugged into any jacks labeled "In" on the VCR with your original tapes.
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Thanks for your help

I'm wanting to start on these tapes as soon as I can get my VCRs set up. I have about ten tapes that are only partially full and want to get them all put on one or two tapes and eliminate some of the stuff I don't want on the tapes. This will probably be a fairly long job so here's hoping I can get it working right. Thank you for helping.
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Depending on your VCRs, you might have more then one IN/OUT plugs.
If you are using COAX cable connections, make sure your VCR B in set to channel 3.
If you will be using RCA jacks (red/white/yellow) jacks on both VCRs, then make sure that on your VCR B you have selected the correct input line. It will most likely say something like "L1" or "Line in".

Like the previous guy said, try to experiment with tapes you don't care about first.

Good luck
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Thank you for the information

I still haven't found time to work on these tapes, maybe this weekend if it doesn't get too busy. I'm printing out all the information I get so hopefully will be able to figure it all out.

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