RCA TV, crazy green colors

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RCA TV, crazy green colors

My 12-year-old RCA 27-incher is displaying some wacky colors: they are in a circular pattern, radiating from the center. There are three semi-distinct color patterns that resemble a bulls-eye. Any faces in the outer areas of the screen are very green. Monkeying with the color adjustments does nothing.

I really like this set and it's been good to me. Should I bother getting an estimate? Or should I shoot it and bury it out back?


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the set may need degaussing, a simple proceedure, for a shop to do. it removes unwanted magnetic fields. do you have any speakers near the set? if so move them after the proceedure. you can see the effect yourself by using a permanet magnet near the set and rotate the magnet from the screen out. this is my optimistic guess. if it was my set i would go for a cheap 27' set. good luck,snuffs

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