Power cut-off on Sony CMT-HP7

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Power cut-off on Sony CMT-HP7

I have a Sony CMT-HP7 minisystem that has been giving me trouble. A while back I tried to hook up some larger speakers to it but got very little sound out of them. When I tried to turn up the volume, the stereo suddenly shut off. I reconnected the original speakers, but now it starts to power up and then will shut off after about three seconds. When I unplug it for a few seconds and plug it in again, the display comes on, but it shuts off again when I hit the power button. Is there some sort of fuse that needs to be replaced? Is this something that I can do myself or do I need to take it in?
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well the size of the speakers shouldent matter, just the impedence. To me it sounds like something that happened to my mini sytem a while back. i accidentaly shorted both positive feeds to the speakers together and it blew the amplifier ic. mine still turned on but no sound. all i can think of is that you either shorted the chanels, or you connected speakers of a lower impedence than recomended to it.
check the impedence rating on both sets of speakers, it should be somewhere around 8 ohms or 16 ohms. if the large pair you attached was lower than the origional set then chances are that you blew the amp. also did you have both pairs attached at once?

i personaly suggest never buying a mini system again. i have owned one and hated it. their garbage. buy yourself a nice 5.1 system, and if you dont have money for that, go to a pawn shop and buy yourself an amp and components, i got my whole system for about $250 canadian from a pawn shop, and couldent be happier. But whatever you do dont buy a mini system, if your into the audio thing or are an amature stereo buff, get away from the things, those are things that wiggers buy because they look cool, get something that will reward you with rich sound and plenty of bass, no mini system can match a component system.

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